Exam technique – “Evaluate” questions

An evaluate question can be a lot like a compare question.  Most of your marks will be gained from comparing two different things (see Exam technique – compare questions).  However, you will also be expected to decide which of the two things is better and explain why.

Sometimes you’ll be asked to evaluate just one thing, in which case you will be expected give the pros and cons before making your final judgement.

Some useful terms to use in your evaluation…

“Overall, I think… because…”

“I believe … because”

“… is better than…because…”

“I would pick… because…”

Note that all of these have a “because” as explain your reasoning is important here.

Example: Evaluate the use of animal testing in drug manufacture.

Animal testing has various advantages and disadvantages.  It allows us to see whether drugs have any adverse effects before we try them on patients.  It also allows us to test whether the drug actually cures the disease if we test it on an animal with that disease.  However, animals have to be given the illness for this to happen so it may be considered cruel.  Overall, I think it is important to continue to use animal testing because without it many humans might die from taking untested drugs.


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