Create Sports Challenge

More excitement from the world of Mr Gale this week when he and a group of Year 8 boys participated in the Create Sports Challenge , run by the Institute of Civil Engineers.  They had to design a community sports venue and were in competition with 12 -13 year-olds from across the country.

Mr Gale said,

“It was really good.

They put on an excellent event for us.  We were the first to arrive and when we saw all the other models we thought we were in with a chance.  Then a couple of other models were delivered which were very good (probably too good for year 8s) and we started to get a bit worried.

We met the British Judo champion David Logan (although he just found out this morning that he hasn’t been selected for the 2012 Olympics) and then we were given a tour of the offices and model workshops of the Arup Architecture department.  Many of the boys were inspired when they saw the offices (which were beautiful) and the model workshops and are now aspiring architects.

We didn’t make it into the top three though we were given a commendation for our sketch design for which they said they would offer a job to the person that did the design!

I think we could have done better by focussing less on the design and build and more on the soft parts of the projects such as community use and after–use.  I think we probably made a bad choice wrt the venue – the arguments with the after-use of the Olympic stadium are well known.

I think it is an annual event so hopefully we’ll receive an invite next year.”

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